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Basic Routine XP Maintenance - Batch File

I wanted to schedule some basic maintenance tasks for my laptop to run once a week, so I decided to write this batch file for Windows XP to run Disk Clean Up and then do a Defrag. Once Off Setup: Extract the files to a folder of your choice Then click on: Start Run Type […]

Need to back your email and email settings, rules and preferences?

Backing up all your email and relevant settings can be a nightmare. I needed to migrate all my data and settings to a new laptop and the most important was that my email and all the settings and rules were transferred as well, after tons of Google searching I found the best way to do […]

CCleaner is a must for any PC clean out

I was having problems with my PC (XP Pro) it keep jamming and the hard drive getting close to full so I decided to clean out my drive and uninstall those programs which have built up over time but never get used. So I began by running Windows Disk Clean Up (Start -> Programs -> […]